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Make a name for yourself!
Unless you log in, what you post on the site (a comment, message, shout out, photo, story, poem…) won’t have your name attached to it.  Logging in means your name will come up next to the stuff you post. So if you want to get your opinion heard or showcase your creative skills, login to get your name out there!

Don’t worry – if you’re sharing very personal information related to your health or private life, your name won’t be displayed even if you’re logged in.

Get more!
Some stuff on the site is only accessible if you log in. For example, posting a comment, liking or disliking something, or featuring on the quiz leaderboard!

You can still access these sections- but you won’t be able to participate unless you login. We do this so ‘spammers’ and adverts can’t mess up your experience.

Get the content you want…
When you log in, we get to see some of your basic information as displayed on the account you used to log in, such as your name, age, gender and location. This information means we can give you more of the stuff you want to see, and less of the stuff you don’t!

Don’t worry, this info won’t be shared with anyone else.


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